Evreka is a SaaS company providing intelligent solutions for any kind of waste collection and cleaning operations. 

With the most comprehensive solution, Evreka allows its users to track and manage their complicated tasks in the easiest way to achieve operational efficiency via the one and only complete platform in 25 different countries.

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Wireless container fill-level monitoring sensor for any kind of container

The fullness rate can be controlled together with the temperature and location of the containers, and the resource planning can be done efficiently. With the motion sensors; location changes, fire or sudden movements of containers can be detected and users can be informed via the alarms.


High-performance RFID Reader to track your vehicle and task fulfillment for any kind of container

Location for each vehicle/asset and the performance can be controlled, task realization can be identified, important incidents like container location displacements can be detected automatically.


The easy way to track the location of vehicles, driver performance analysis, fuel management and so on

It enables task fulfillment tracking based on the location of the vehicles and assets. Users can obtain real-time or historical data, and continuous flow from field to back-office is ensured. Alerts can be set to inform users about unexpected cases, thus the fast reaction time for potential safety issues for the drivers can be reached.


Facilitate task management on the go for bulky waste collection processes

It enables real-time data of the location for each container and provides asset status periodically. Users can check all the gathered live data anytime through the All-In-One Platform and can be informed about unexpected cases like uncompleted tasks and location changes by SMS/e-mail.

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Keep track of all employee activities without having to fill out long time schedules manually

With the collected data; task management, employee time tracking, attendance tracking, and productivity analysis are enabled. It is easier to determine what activities are being conducted using employee tracking information and to make changes in daily routines to increase productivity.