Evreka is a leading SaaS company providing intelligent solutions for any kind of waste collection and cleaning operations. 

With the most comprehensive solution, Evreka allows its users to track and manage their complicated tasks in the easiest way to achieve operational efficiency via the one and only complete platform in 25 different countries.

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Involve citizens directly in the waste management process. Contribute to the environment to create more livable, smart, clean cities.

It helps citizens to find the nearest waste collection points quickly and easily using their current location from their smartphones. It guides users with proper separation to throw waste. Users can report to location requests like a bin and add unregistered bins along with pictures to the system.

Captain App

Digitize all operations on the field from start to finish.

It allows tracking real-time vehicle location, managing expected and unexpected tasks with real-time notifications, and tracking vehicle utilization and driver performance. It is a tool for reducing the operational costs and allowing smart routing of the tasks.

Dispatcher App

Digitize reports, forms, and questionnaires required for the operations, and eliminate paperwork.

Through the guidance of an authorized supervisor, drivers can enter answers to the customized questions. The answers automatically appear in All-In-One Platform and dispatch status can be traced. It is useful when the digitization of paperwork is prominent.

Supervisor App

Facilitate task management on the go for bulky waste collection processes.

It enables to do any task related operation on the go. Tasks can be added, deleted or modified. Using the fleet tracking feature, the most effective task assignments can be done and seamless communication between teams can be achieved.

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